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Travel Diaries: Prague City GuideArticle by: Veronica Baesso

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Fall is my favourite season to travel and this past September I got the opportunity to visit Prague. The primary reason for my trip was to attend Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend, but despite that hectic schedule I managed to spend an extra few days in the Czech capital, which allowed for a deeper exploration. The quality of your travel can be affected by your accommodations. Choose wrongly the trip can be a disaster. Make the right choice, and you are infinitely more likely to have a great time. I couldn’t have found a better place to stay. My partnership with Snap Traveller allowed me to sojourn for the entire week in the funky and stylish Fusion Hotel.


Situated just around the corner from Prague’s famous Wenceslas Square and close to the main sights, Fusion Hotel is a winning choice just from location alone. Fusion Hotel offers a relaxed and creative atmosphere that combine to make your stay an unforgettable experience. Everything at Fusion is about the details, individual style and originality. At Fusion you can lounge in the biggest bed in Central Europe, which holds up to 6 people. If you don’t have that many nighttime partners don’t worry, you have your choice of theme rooms to choose from. The Love room, the Vintage room and the Rock room, are all yours for the asking. Given my rock star status there should be no surprise which one I chose. Yes, I slept the whole week under the watchful lips of the Rolling Stones. Trust me, nothing reinforces your rock star status than the vibrant furniture prints, rock memorabilia and all around badass-ness of the Rock room. Even more standard rooms have extra touches. Young Czech artists have provided original illustrations that make each room come alive in its own way.


A playroom with interactive electronic games, Skype box for free video calls and vending machines on all floors, add community flair. Fusion is equipped with a lovely daytime restaurant Soup in the City, which offers home-made soups and freshly prepared sandwiches, and a la carte restaurant Epopey, which also doubles as an art gallery. You can end the night with some karaoke and drinks at 360 Lounge Bar.


As a Prague novice nothing can prepare you for the beauty of the city despite what others might have told you. Once you are on the ground, the multi-faceted aspects of the city will outdo your expectations. This is certainly what happened to me. Prague is an unparalleled collection of personal charm, history, architecture and culture. Its many renowned sights; Charles Bridge, The Astronomical Clock, The Old Town Square and The Prague Castle are stellar. It was addictive to wander around the small cobble-stoned walkways in search of museums, picturesque buildings and street artworks.


The changing weather of autumn, the shifting colors and the morning fogs that sit on the city all contribute to making the sights even more special. The fall weather makes the Prague Castle look different each day you witness it. I had the chance to check out the Castle under a myriad of conditions. Whether perfect sunny days or threatening dark clouds I was able to appreciate the majesty.


Prague is like a chameleon. It can be as romantic as Paris, as modern as Amsterdam, as edgy as Berlin, as hipster as Brooklyn and as historical as London. Each corner of this city has something to be discovered. If you want to admire Prague at its finest, take advantage of the views provided by Petrin Park, the Astronomical Clock and Prague Castle.


Prague is the perfect mix of old and new, gothic and bohemian, classic and alternative: all attributes that contribute to make its landscape unique. Buildings, architecture and different neighbourhoods stand out even more because of their contrasting style and strong juxtaposition. The Dancing house, street sculptures by David Černý (ex. the Miminka on the Television Tower) the Lennon Wall all combine seamlessly to celebrate the varying artistic ambition that Prague holds.


Be ready to try some Czech specialties. One of my favourite became Goulash and bread dumplings. Don’t forget to drink some local beer. Which would be impossible because any local bar you go to they will practically beg you to sample them. I would suggest Velkoprevorsky Mlyn in the Kampa area. If you are looking for a hip experience then try Café Neustadt in New Town Hall, which offers delicious Czech pies and cakes. The owner is the founder of the “Pianos on the Street” project.


Prague is not a fashion capital but you would never guess that judging from the raw style of its inhabitants. Czech designers represent a large portion of the emerging creativity that is flooding the city. A favourite boutique is Czech Labels and Friends. During Prague Fashion Weekend I had the chance to discover the talent that the city has to offer in the industry. Many of these designers are very talented. I don’t doubt we will hear their names in the near future but in the meantime I can’t wait to continue to spread the word. To learn more, check out my Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Weekend review.


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