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Postcards From SardiniaArticle by: Veronica Baesso

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Sardinia has always been one of my favourite holiday destinations. As a young girl I spent my summer vacations on this beautiful island. But after not having been back for almost a decade, I was lucky enough to return there this summer. It was a joy to see that even though many things remained familiar: the uncontaminated nature, the smell of the sea, the food, etc. I was also seeing the island with new eyes. I was able to appreciate nuances that were unseen before, but remarkable now. I hope you will enjoy the images below that visually narrate some of Sardinia’s uniqueness. Consider the ravishing, bewitching and non-retouched images, the scroll-down is not recommended for those who are beach-starved or vacation-needy!


Did you ever think you could find a Caribbean corner in Europe? Sardinia is the closest you will get. With its well-known coast, the legendary Italian island has it all. If you want your break to include celebrity spotting and a more douche bag lifestyle, you could opt for Costa Smeralda. If you prefer quieter beaches, fewer tourists then head to the beautiful province of Ogliastra, the perfect destination for an intimate adventure.


Ogliastra is the wildest and least developed province in Sardinia. It has magical surroundings of rare beauty. It can feel that time has stopped centuries ago, and Bronze Age ruins that dot the area reinforce that. Due to the mountainous terrain, you can drive for hours uphill on curved roads with no traces of urban presence. It is just you and the majesty of nature. Once you reach the downhill, it changes and you can see little villages and the main traffic is likely to be a flock of sheep.


The primary reason for my trip was to explore some of the idyllic beaches in Ogliastra, which are reachable only by sea. If you love the boat life you couldn’t ask for a more rewarding experience. Reaching these tiny seashores means seeing an unequalled landscape where towering cliffs and limestone caves with funny nicknames, inspired by their interesting shapes, hang over the sea.


Cala Mariolu, Grotta del Fico, Cala Sisine, Cala Luna, Grotta del Bue Marino, Grotta dei Colombi and Guglia d’Ogliastra are some of the treasures that the Mediterranean Sea shields in this coastline. Cala Luna is ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and it is a well-deserved title. Located inside the borders of Gennargentu National Park, this white and pink pebbled beach is framed with emerald crystal water and massive beach caves ideal for catching some shade and a nap.


Sardinia is renowned for its remarkable turquoise water and white sand beaches, but in the area of hospitality, local dishes and wine they also receive top marks. I would argue they rate among the highest in Italy. If you are looking for an ethereal and timeless destination I hope you will be inspired to visit.



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