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Dim Sum & Fashion Talk with Suzie StreetArticle by: Veronica Baesso

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LONDON- The Fashion Week season has started and for the occasion the London Based Fashion Stylist Suzie Street entertained me with delish Dim Sum and fashion conversation.

Suzie Street made a switch in her career in August of last year, when she was managing a fashion PR boutique agency, and was approached to join the X Factor styling team. Her new role would be to work with then finalists Little Mix, Marcus Collins and Amelia Lily. 

Upon completion of her time with X Factor she started working with the styling team of E! Entertainment. Add in her private clients such as Marcus Collins (also one of her closet friends)

, and the queen of UK bass: Ayah Marar, and you start to get the picture of someone with a more than full calendar. With those kind of demands you have to pick your projects carefully.

Suzie states: “I firmly believe in only working on projects or clients that I have complete utter faith in.

 Moving forward I would love to dedicate more time to my love of editorials and continue to create beautiful art with my work.”

Even with a full schedule Suzie finds time for another of her passions cooking. “

I find myself assembling rather than cooking” she says. “I love to assemble and the thing I assemble best is Dim Sum. I am obsessed with it.”

Suzie Street is talented and funny. After sampling her culinary skills I think she was way too modest with her “assembling” comment.  While Suzie was diligently preparing her Dim Sum, we had the chance to talk fashion and food.

How do you feel about fashion related to food?

The world of fashion and food is so closely related, yet at times can be enemies, its like a double edge sword! The top chefs in the world create the most stunning dishes, like tiny pieces of art, yet I sometimes feel that within the fashion industry food can be turned into the enemy, the skinnier the model the more beautiful they are deemed to be. Luckily the top opinion formers in the fashion Industry are trying to change this, and there have been some positive changes in the last few years.

Do you think that styling is like making your Dim Sum recipe? Is it the same creative process?

Styling can be just like cooking (I do tend to style more than I cook however). You try new things, you know what you like, and its good to experiment. It’s also good to know what you dont like, but appreciate that others may like it, every creative brain is different, just how everyone’s taste are different!

Thinking about your clients, how do you see the fashion world
 changing in relation to food?

It must definitely be hard for my clients to always be within the public eye. The media are so quick to comment on weight loss and weight gain which then transfers into a general public opinion. The message I give to my clients is that as long as they are healthy, size shouldn’t matter, as a stylist it is my job to make them look their best and whatever size/shape they are.

Are women less worried about what they eat in order to feel beautiful?

It’s interesting. The higher in quality you go in the food world the smaller the portions get!! I do think there is more emphasis these days on living a overall more healthy lifestyle, rather than just radical diets that end up doing more harm than good! We are so lucky in London to have every world cuisine right on our doorsteps, and I feel like people are experimenting more. Lets face it, some of the nicest food is really bad for you, but as a treat you will appreciate it all the more!!

I couldn’t agree more with Suzie answers, here below you can find her Dim Sum Recipe and tips!

Dim Sum Ingredients:

3/4 Carrots: Grated

Half a white cabbage: Grated

Your filling of choice: I Normally go for minced chicken or finely diced prawns.

The holy trio: Garlic, Ginger, Chilli (fresh and chilli sauce)

Bunch of spring onion

Soy Sauce

Rice Wine Vinegar

Frozen Won Ton rapper (defrosted for half an hour)


Mix together, put a small table spoon of mixture into the middle of the wrapper and fold up the corners, twist the top so you now have your little parcel of tastyness.

Steam over a wok for 5-7 mins and eat with dumpling dipping sauce.

Suzie leaves us with some final thoughts. “This recipe is quite creative, and those around me, including myself can hardly believe I can do it, which makes me feel better once I do”

Let us know if you get the same results!









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