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A Special Dinner with Fashion Designer Angelika ChilikovaArticle by: Veronica Baesso

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Angelika Chilikova

LONDON – London Fashion Week is over and it’s time to recover with a fresh home made meal and a night in with the company of fashion designer Angelika Chilikova, founder of London based brand CLON8. Angelika is Kazakhstan born, half Greek and half Russian. Hailing from a long line of tailors and craftsmen, she began tailoring at a very young age. Her international pedigree has infused her work with cultural influences from Central Asia through the Adriatic via Russia. Angelika spent several years working in Greece and the UK for a number of high concept fashion brands prior to launching CLON8 in 2012. Chilikova designs and cuts every garment, making each piece of her collection unique.

The recipe Angelika has chosen, is by Nathan Brewster.

“I came along this recipe while reading the latest issue of Root + Bone Magazine, of which I am a big fan” she explains, “I was drawn to it straight away because it is such a simple, festive and English recipe. I feel that it blends well with the inspiration to CLON8s new collection ‘Nihtweard’”.

Rising from its fortress and breaking away from the protection of the guards the AW14 collection “Nihtweard” (Night Guard) is the successor to CLON8. The garments are designed taking into account the history and uniforms of the Middle Ages. “Nihtweard” was created to break down the hierarchy and merge the worlds of decorative armours and imperial regalia into our modern society. The garments incorporate different elements from the period, exploring the importance of emblems, the fusion of different fabrics and tailoring used in those times.

* Images by Lefteris Primos

‘Whole Roasted Partridge’ is a traditional English dish and I have chosen this because I am honoring the English traditions not only through the A/W14 collection but also through my culinary skills.

An exceptional element of this dish is that it can be paired with any number of different side dishes. So feel free to be as creative as you want. We won’t give you a specific one.

On a final note, if the recipe gets too much for you, I would suggest visiting The Rex Whistler Restaurant at Tate Britain and experience their take on this traditional dish. You can combine great cuisine with world class artwork. A most beautiful environment.”

Whole Roasted Partridge Recipe


One oven ready partridge
One small onion
One small carrot
Two cloves of garlic
10g of thyme
1 Lemon
50ml white wine
20ml port



– Brown the giblets then vegetables in a small oven proof pan. Add the white wine and port and reduce until most of the liquid has gone.
– Season the Partridge with salt and pepper, rub with a little oil and stuff with a few sprigs of thyme and some lemon rind. Place on top of the vegetables then add the vegetable stock.
– Cook in the oven at 200ºC for about 15-20 minutes. Test the partridge with a skewer checking the juices are running clear.
– Take the partridge from the pan, rest for 5 minutes. Keep the remaining stock for the sauce


– Take the stock from cooking the partridge and place in a small saucepan and a splash of port and reduce by half.
– Slowly stir in cubes of butter until the sauce thickens.

Bon Appetit!


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