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Sustainable Fashion Revolution – Influencer Conference Event NYCArticle by: Veronica Baesso

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LFW 2013

Ronnie Spirit is happy to present in collaboration with Influencer Conference the fashion panel discussion “Sustainable Fashion Revolution” on Nov the 6th, NYC.

Sustainable fashion is a popular industry slogan used by many brands to describe their ethical and/or green approach to the industry. What does sustainable fashion mean? What are the challenges that designers face in order to define their business as sustainable? Issues exist on both the macro  and micro level. Long term economic viability is connected to a sustainable social and environmental culture. Designers must factor in sustainability to their available resources, production and supply lines while also feeding their creative process. We will examine all of these overlapping factors in order to better understand the sustainable fashion revolution.

Moderator: Melissa Hall, The Emerging Designer

Speakers: Maja Svensson, Elsa and Me

Pascale Gatzen, Parson The New School for Design

Kim Jenkins, Exploring Fashion & Culture

Tickets are available here and just for a limited time (until Monday Nov the 4th) by entering the code Ronnie you are eligible for 50% off of any session or daily ticket.

InfluencerCon 2013 global theme is The Art of Influence: Abstract to Zeitgeist a discussion on the role of influence in shaping moments (abstract) into movements (zeitgeist). Conversations that are based on exploring the shared values of creativity, collaboration, love, empathy and intellectual nomadism are just what are needed to better understand the role that influence plays in shaping global culture and connectivity.

Please review the whole 3 day InfluencerCon schedule of speakers and talks and register here.

What you will experience at Influencer Conference are interactive conversations, a diverse roster of presenters, a highly curated audience, and meaningful conversations to drive your purpose. What you won’t experience are top-down lectures, routine presenters and topics and surface cultural observations.


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