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My Favorite Apps For Solo Female TravelersArticle by: Veronica Baesso

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I wrote this post specifically to address the needs and issues of female travelers who are alone. Traveling with a friend or group is a particular type of experience but when you’re traveling solo you have to take into account other factors. Your digital choices can become as important as your other packing decisions. Whether you may feel like you need a friend, a bodyguard or some style tips, technology can come in handy. Check out my favorite apps that are specifically useful for the female globetrotter. I know quite a bit but I don’t know everything! If you have a favorite app or experience with the ones I have highlighted let me know.


Tourlina App

This women-only app connects solo female travelers globally. Simply enter your travel plans and discover a travel companion with mutual interests in your geographic area. To be clear this is not a dating app. Tourlina focuses on getting in touch with women that are interested in sharing some experience on the road with other women while still maintaining their own travel independence. All users are verified by the Tourlina team adding that layer of security that is needed to make you feel comfortable with meeting some new companions on the road.


Companion app

This app promises to be your digital bodyguard. Companion lets you enter your destination and then select one of your smartphone contacts to act as  “companions” and follow your route home or hotel via a live map. The Companion app tracks you as you head home, asking you if you’re “OK” from time to time. If you don’t respond within 15 seconds, the app alerts your companions. It also includes features to call police or give a heads up about unsafe conditions making it the ultimate app for avoiding uneasiness walking home or to your hotel alone.

SafetyMap Worldwide


This app provides you with map that will recommend the safest routes, advise you on the potentially safest neighborhood to stay or visit and conversely guide you away from high-crime areas.When you are traveling, you don’t always know the best place to stay in a new city. SafetyMap Worldwide allows you to share your experiences in each area you visit marking them as safe or unsafe to help other travelers navigate thanks to your review.



Not sure what to carry with you on your next trip? If so, then PackPoint is for you. This packing-list generator uses your information to create a personalised packing checklist for your destination. Tell the app your gender, where you’re going, the time of year, and any activities you have planned, and it will give you suggestions for your travel essentials.

Sit or Squat 


Although this app is amazing we hope you never need it in an “emergency situation”. Travel is a great experience, eating new dishes can be one of the most adventurous things you do and it is high risk/high reward. Should you find yourself in desperate need of a dependable toilet then Sit or Squat is for you. Created by toilet paper maker Charmin, Sit or Squat lists more than 95,000 suitable restrooms in unfamiliar areas all over the world. The app not only shows nearby bathrooms, it offers a user-generated rating system to help you avoid less-than-pleasant (and less-than-clean) facilities. Users rate their experiences with a Sit (thumbs up) or Squat (so-so) and can even upload their photos to offer other travelers proof of the bathroom quality. You can filter by cost, handicap accessible, rating and even a baby changing table. We rate this app a strong “Sit”!



This is an ideal app that every woman should have at their disposal whether they are traveling or not. Most women have lost track of their birth control schedule at one time or another. When you’re traveling and perhaps jumping through different time zones it’s even more a challenge to remember your daily routine. The app helps ensure you’re as protected as possible by reminding you when you need to take the pill or replace other forms of contraception, updating you on when you need to schedule a checkup with your doctor, tracking symptoms, and even predicting when you will be on your period. MyPill is a digital ob/gyn combined with a secretary. A must have at home or abroad.



The app allows you to organize your finances by syncing your investments, credit card bills, bank accounts, and expenses into one interface. This app is not exclusively for travelers but I personally found it helpful when managing foreign currency. Mint is financially vigilant making sure you never fall into debt, make a late payment, or let your credit score slip. All very important factors if you’re going to be saving money for that next special trip.


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