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More Fun, Less Love: 10 Secrets to not Fall in Love With SomeoneArticle by: Veronica Baesso

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It’s the time in your life when you want to make relationships as light as a feather. No commitments, no plans, no strings attached.  If you want to take things as they come, have a good time and be carefree, here is a bit of advice to avoid drama and unwanted entanglements.

1)   Be in the right mindset. If you are not looking for the “right” man in your life and for one reason or the other you don’t want to be in a serious relationship, just have some fun. Don’t ever feel guilty about it and be focused on what you want. Be true to yourself.

2)   If his first kiss is so memorable that it gives you goose bumps that is a green light! Go straight to the point as soon as possible, so you can avoid any emotional implication.

3)   Don’t let only one guy become your sex toy. If you feel alone or if you feel like having some company, try to have more than one choice. Follow the rule: never have sex with the same guy more than twice in a row.  Bond and engage with other guys too!

4)   Limit the amount and intensity of cuddling before and after the intercourse. It is scientifically proven that the less you cuddle, the less you produce Oxytocin, hormone well known to be the cause of bonding.

5)   Hang out with him in social environments as much as you can. Reserve exclusive time with him just for intimacy. Avoid most social media connections.

6)   Avoid sharing information that may be too personal. Increasing empathy is not really what you want. If either of you needs someone to talk to, then find someone else.

7)   Tone down your body language. Using gestures that communicate sensuality and charm is not the road you want to go down to. For example touching your hair repeatedly, and gazing at his eyes, could be non verbal signals that communicate you are open to advances.

8)   Don’t fantasize about the person. Daydreaming is great, but he is just a guy, and you want to just have fun. Words like “If” “but” “maybe” are not words in your dictionary. Take things for what they are, be in the real world.

9)   Activate that person’s conscience. There is no room for romance. If the guy wants to deepen the connection, then mention keywords like marriage, girlfriend, boyfriend, children, religion.

10)  Be self focused. Even if you might have shared mutual interest with this person, the most salient issue might be to have this time for yourself.  It might seem strange, but keep it superficial. Don’t share your passions and interests until you make the decision to. Keeping it “light” is a commitment. Stay focused!


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