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Chasing the DreamArticle by: Veronica Baesso

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Alexander McQueen SS10

Alligator, lizard, crocodile and python skin. Leopard, zebra, cheetah and giraffe prints. Welcome to the fashion jungle, in which the principle of “Survival of the fittest” reigns supreme. It doesn’t mean “be in the best physical shape” as this shallow industry would suggest, but it is literally closer to the original metaphor of “better adapted for immediate, local environment”. If you want to survive and evolve don’t be a chameleon, nobody would notice you, which is the opposite of what this industry is about. If you don’t want to be ignored put your killing heels on and be a gazelle: then start running and be fast.

An open door in the glittering consumerist empire that so many young creative’s yearn to enter and leave the mark. The dream is to be able to unlock that door and keep the key. You eagerly want to be part of it? You want to belong to this hierarchical system? If you think it is all about goodie bags, free samples, sequins, V.I.P. parties and spotlights, you are wrong. It doesn’t happen that often. Fashion land is exclusive and extremely selective. Niche people in a niche industry in a niche market. If you can’t trade on a connected surname, then be prepared to work hard, very hard. It will be far from easy, there may be many mountains to climb, many people to please, precious few chances to express yourself and rise above the choir. You will get to the point where you stand the umpteenth internship offer, you will begin finding it hard to accept your inability to raise your voice and become a soloist. Eventually you might grow to hate or despise the many injustices and superficiality but still love this industry of make believe. On a circuit where appearance and presence are the leverage needed to become a success, the key challenge is to achieve visibility and make your presence remarkable. If by this point fashion is still a blazing passion that corrodes you, be a high heeled gazelle: start running and be fast.

In Fashion land, the clock runs on triple time, so if you want to become someone who counts, not simply a worker bee, but a queen, you must be proactive. Take the initiative and be ready to forecast what is coming next, create your rules and define your identity. Style is primarily a matter of instinct, something visceral. Shape and embody your creativity. What is fashion if not a universal language of signs, symbols and iconography that non – verbally communicates meaning about us? It is a powerful tool by which you become an expressionist, an artist who plays different roles in day-to-day life. If fashion is your first love, then never give up, if you can’t find an open door, create a door from a wall. Chase your dream and become a high-heeled gazelle: start running and be fast.




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