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Passion Becomes YouArticle by: Veronica Baesso

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LanaSutra by Erik Ravelo for Benetton
Picture Credits: Lana Sutra by Erik Ravelo for Benetton

Passion is my favorite dance. I feel the beat and let my movements paint my path. If my twirl were a color it would be nuances of red. Consumed by passion, with eyes wide shut I jump forward into my unknown. Euphoria is my dance floor, hosting my swaying, coiling, arching, gyrating body as it draws ever closer to you. If you are merely able to hear the music, but yet can’t feel the music you will call me insane. Don’t resist your passion, follow my rhythm and dance with me, get involved in this pleasing insanity.

Passion is an unlimited and endless sensual power, the source of our best moments. Find it where ever it may be. Passion encompasses different aspects of myself, career, companionship, as well as leisure. Let the pursuit of passion be the purpose of your life. No matter if it leads you to face a double-edged blade..one side passion the other sorrow. It can be as gentle as a feathered caress or as bitter as a slap in the face. Either way to feel this thrill is to be truly alive.

Be loyal to your passion and abandon yourself in front of its power. It is magnetic energy. Once you find it, you find you………..


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