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Traveling While Female: The Interview With Jewelry Designer Jules KimArticle by: Veronica Baesso

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Welcome to our new series: Traveling While Female. Every month we will interview a woman that embodies both a creative and entrepreneurial spirit. We will explore what inspires them when on the road and learn about their travel routine.

Could you tell us a bit about Bijules and how did you become a jewelry designer?

Bijules is an original concept fine jewlery company founded in 2004 in the club. I come from a nightlife background and used the club scene here in New York City to build a platform for my jewelry. At the time, forward thinking fine jewelry did not exist and options to diversify the way one might communicate their individualism was slim, in my opinion. I recall surveying the market and coming up with only Chinatown knockoffs and dry boring stuff I would never purchase. I decided to change the environment of jewelry so I could express my origin and personality. Even though the idea can be fleeting, creating a piece of jewelry from an idea will last forever in gold and silver.

How often do you travel and what is your travel routine?

Travelling is part of my life and has been an incubator for inspiration and opportunity. I thrive on the elements of discovery and the wild unknown of new places. I head to Europe tomorrow to launch this fall 2016 collection as well as open the door to luxury pricepoints and manufacture. I normally launch products during Paris market and travel to different cities and countries to nurture retail relationships and private client cache.

How does traveling inspire your creations?

I moved to France in 2000 to study life and its lessons. I learned how to speak French fluently and remain loyal to the language and overall experience by working in Paris. Once I abandoned my comfort in the US, I was left with the reality of overcoming cultural and personal obstacles to find success. This lesson has proven to be one of the most pinnacle and important findings of my life.

Could you share with us what has been your favorite trip and why?

My trips to Iceland encourage a rude awakening each time I visit. The raw nature and severity of its land and people are astounding. Iceland inspires me greatly.

What does an “average” day look like when you are on the road and what kind of traveler are you?

Depending on my location and purpose for travel, I normally wake early and take a breakfast to compose my day. From there I normally am thrown into a nonstop journey to either “sell sell sell”, create, or relax. When I travel I am free to be restless and free to experience without boundaries limited to my homelife. The reality is that travel is a pertinent part of my creativity and happiness. Without it, I am confined to a monotony which can not generate personal or professional success.

What are the three travel essentials that you always carry with you?

I travel with Nivea Lip Balm, a toothbrush, and converter. We ALWAYS need moisture, a fresh smile and energy!

What is the best advice you want to share with young women that are looking to explore and travel?

Just Do It. Organize your trip (or not) the way you want. Live everyday as a new one and travel with an open heart.

What does “traveling while female” mean to you?

Being a “traveler while female” means the frontiers we meet are not just on the map but are also within our reach.

What is next for you?

I hope to continue creating imaginative and smart pieces of fine jewelry for a long time to come. It is exciting to see the face of a client who has fallen in love. They do it all the time and their enchantment is invigorating to a creative. We are launching the new caliber of Bijules in 18K/diamonds to create a new “demi-couture” pricepoint. To help commemorate the history of the brand, a series of interactive video will be launched on the website and viewers can click to buy the Bijules featured. All of this unveiled March 1!


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