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In from the OutsideArticle by: Veronica Baesso

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French Street Artist JR, Inside Out Project
Picture Credits: French Street Artist JR, Inside Out Project

When one thinks of their eyes it is with the express purpose of seeing. The eyes allow us to look out into the world and perceive shape, color, distance and context. Our eyes open in the morning, peer through groggy vision and we greet the world. The flash of light, whether sunlight or the reflected beauty of the person we love lying next to us is how we know we’re awake and ready to live another day. But there is another eye that is not outwardly visible that allows us to process the information we take from the world and that is our mind’s eye. Our mind’s eye provides texture to the world around us. I see you standing there as a human being looking at me and I then shape impressions of what that means beyond the physical cues from my eyes. But the true beauty of the mind’s eye is that it allows us to look inward as well. My mind’s eye peers into who I am. It peers into my soul and ultimately will reflect that vision back to others.

Feeling alive, feeling love, feeling empowerment is directly related to your mind’s eye and what you reflect into the world. Modern day convention doesn’t want us to look inward too often and if you do please don’t let your gaze linger. A lingering gaze does not allow for the distractions in the outside world. There are movies, TV, music, mobile phones, FB, Twitter, video games, etc. Constant distractions are created to deny both external and internal rich interactions. If we don’t look inward how can we look out with the confidence that is needed to truly be exceptional? Because let’s face it…exceptional is what makes life worth living. Exceptional is finding the beauty in us, manifesting our better selves, living & loving to unparalleled heights each day. There is sublime magic in closing your eyes and opening your inner view. If I know who I am, if I can come to terms with my desires and passions then what is there that could not be accomplished? Once I have unfettered my desires and imagination the entire world appears limitless and I have the ability to journey anywhere I want. That journey is one that will make manifest itself with true beauty…inside and out.


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