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Intimate Discovery: Maison CloseArticle by: Veronica Baesso

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My recent trip to Paris contained many bright moments but one of my highlights was getting the opportunity to indulge in the well crafted and sexy lingerie pieces of Maison Close.

Maison Close offers contemporary collections that combine simple aesthetics, luxurious quality and subtle references that invoke the Belle Epoque French brothels of yesteryear. My impression of the Maison Close designs is that they are a stunning reinterpretation of classic lingerie pieces that incorporate  a touch of fetishism and risqué details while also maintaining a playful and seductive attitude.

It was quite a thrill to not only wear these pieces during the Paris nights but also when moving around during my everyday routine. Nothing was more sensually empowering than exploring Paris, taking brand meetings and conducting interviews knowing the Maison Close lingerie was right below the surface. Each piece is imbued with its own personality which serve to heighten your own confidence. The brand stirs a potent cocktail of sensuality and I drank every drop.

Here are a few of my favorite Maison Close pieces. The Thong Body Chambre Des Secrets ($99.90), is a perfect flexible piece of lingerie. I like to style them with jeans to give a more casual and daily look to this piece. The stretch leatherette sculpts the body silhouette and exalts the curves while the fishnet panels accentuate the seductive and chic note.

MC Chambre des Secrets body string

Bandeau Bra Douce Provocation ($59.90) & High Waisted Thong Douce Provocation ($54.90), I loved this set for its sweet and delicate feel. This surprised me and speaks to the genius of the design because I am generally not a huge fan of bandeau. Nonetheless, it felt very supportive and embracing.


Triangle Bra Villa Satine ($64.90), Thong Villa Satine ($39.90) & Skirt Villa Satine ($94.90), this set made of lace and satin felt like a second skin. The fit and comfort of the bra are top notch and the style is elegant and classic. The details of the skirt are intricate and really stand out thanks to the lateral panels in lace. The skirt felt structured and wrapped quite snugly but that might have been because of a slightly tight fit on me. The sizing is meant to be small on Maison Close designs, so keep that in mind when exploring for your proper fit.


So take a look at their designs and check out more via their site. I can definitely say that whether day or night, above or below the sheets Maison Close is the perfect complement to your lingerie needs.


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