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Let’s Talk About Bags, Baby!Article by: Ronnie Spirit

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When you read that title just hum Salt-N-Pepa’s “Let’s Talk About Sex”…that’s the song in my head right now, even as I type this. But don’t let me get off track. This isn’t a rant about sex, something sexy, or even sexual. It’s about the most un-sexy of topics: luggage and packing. Travel is an equal opportunity sport. As much as solo travel is branded as the domain of adventurous men it is just as inhabited by adventurous women. Everything men can do women can do! Though you wouldn’t be able to tell that by the branding of travel and the actual mechanism of it. So what do I mean by the mechanism of travel? Simply put, beyond the journey itself travel involves certain operational steps to literally get from Here to There. One of those steps is the obvious necessity of packing the things you will need, essential and otherwise, for your time on the road. As airlines continue to tighten their belts and the charges for the number of bags and/or the weight of the bags increases this becomes a particular concern for women travellers. It’s not that women need more things necessarily. I am not advocating for having more bullshit on the road. I do however want to highlight that women have different needs when they travel and we are adversely affected by weight restrictions in a way that men are not. Over the next few months, I will be evaluating various bags that could fit your travel needs both practically and aesthetically. We’re going to hit the road in style and tell you what will work best for you whether you are going on a mountain trek or a weekend getaway. So keep humming and “let’s talk about bag, baby..”


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