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Getting Deep with Coco de MerArticle by: Veronica Baesso

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Miss England - Dream Maker

Coco de Mer is the leading luxury erotic boutique in London. Its pioneering concept and eclectic products have inspired lovers, adventurers and dreamers all over the world. During my latest trip in London I had the pleasure to visit the boutique, discover the latest from the erotic world and interview Miss England, the resident sexual connoisseur at Coco de Mer.

How do you define the brand of Coco de Mer?

Coco de Mer is the epicentre of luxuriant sensual pleasure and decadent kink. We provide the tools and knowledge to positivity further our customers’ sexual journey. It is a place of retail and education.

Do you think that the erotica trend in media has changed the purchasing habits of your clientele? Are they less inhibited? Do they buy more often?

Throughout its 12 years history, Coco de Mer has always been the go-to brand for the very best kind of erotic goods and philosophy. The influence of erotica in media has undoubtedly made people more aware of this offering and more confident to ask us questions and buy the suitable products for their needs and lifestyles.


What are the latest trends in the lingerie, bondage and fetish world?

Bondage is influencing fashion and lingerie trends and people are wearing more bondage-style pieces out. Our bondage and latex brands are the fashion heavyweights of their arenas – our customers will buy their creations like they would invest in a Chanel bag. Lingerie for Spring is always light and breezy – lots of bows, lace and pastels. The designers we house, and our own lingerie collection, reflect this but with an edge. A peek-a-boo cup here, an ouvert knicker there.

What is the most recurrent item that women come to purchase? And what do they seem to enjoy the most?

Our own lingerie is one of the most popular in the store – our ‘Sylph’ and ‘All Wrapped Up’ bras in particular have always been best sellers. Now, our lingerie collection has almost trebled with new styles, colourways and designs.  Stella McCartney and Mimi Holliday sell brilliantly too. Toys are another highly popular area for us. The Lelo ‘Soraya’ and Njoy ‘Pure’ plug in Stainless Steel are bestsellers.


What is the most purchased item by men? Are there things they seem to enjoy more?

Our male customers like the slightly more titillating lingerie and light bondage pieces – Something Wicked and Bordelle are both popular brands with men. Floggers, cuffs, and pebble vibrators are requested a lot and a great way to introduce a little more excitement into their play time.

What is the most unusual costumer request you have come across?

Chastity belts and socks!

What is the best advice you could give to couples that want to spice up their intimate life?

To keep an open mind and be aware and willing to discover the pleasure your body is capable of.  Date nights for long term partners are crucial – time where its one on one, and mundane day-to-day worries are left behind.  Extend foreplay time and play, touch, anticipate and tease as long as possible (or bareable!) before actual sex.  See the difference it makes to the quality of pleasure and excitement.

Boudica Soft Bra and Cut Out Brief, Sheer Gown

How do you define sexy? 

It’s the old cliche of ‘if you feel sexy, you are sexy.’  The typical Coco de Mer customer radiates this confidence because of what she or he has learnt, seen and bought from us. We promote this feel-good, empowering mantra and our store customers can feel that as soon as they cross the threshold. Good lighting helps too!

Do you think that women want to be sexy for themselves or their partners? 

First and foremost women should feel sexy for themselves. Then, they can be sexy for their partners!

Does being/feeling seductive empower women or does objectify them?

To be truly seductive requires confidence and that in itself is incredibly empowering.


Miss England is the resident Dream Maker at Coco de Mer. For private shopping appointments and to benefit from her advice and knowledge visit Coco de Mer or Coco de Mer, 23 Monmouth Street WC2H 9DD. Miss England hosts one of Coco de Mer very popular Salons  ‘Tip & Tricks’ an introduction to bedroom fun and fulfilment (evening classes in bedroom arts) and does private salons.




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